How does inspiration guide your life?


If you breathe in deeply and think for a moment about who inspires you, who do you see?

Is it their words or their ways that breathe life into yours – expanding and filling your thoughts and imagination with what could be? Is it simply being with them and soaking in their energy that sparks your ordinary into the extraordinary? 

Perhaps it’s a stranger whose story has touched your heart, or maybe it’s someone dear to you, whose presence fills your life with purpose and wonder. 

Inspiration, from the Latin word “Inspirare” meaning ‘to breathe into,’ is a force that connects us to the beauty and wonder of life. In this fast-paced world, when we find ourselves caught up in the chaos, inspiration can serve as a guiding light, reminding us of the extraordinary potential that lies within.

Throughout history, humans have pondered the origins of inspiration. Ancient civilizations believed it to be the whispers of the divine, a gift bestowed upon certain individuals. The Muse of Greek mythology, embodying the creative arts, were said to inspire poets, artists, and musicians. In the Renaissance era, inspiration was attributed to the influence of celestial bodies, aligning the human spirit with the heavens. 

In modern philosophy, inspiration is understood as a force that sparks creativity, drives personal growth, and enables us to transcend our limitations. It is seen as an essential element in the pursuit of knowledge, artistic expression, and the development of our authentic self when we connect deeply with our beliefs and the world around us. 

For many of us, our greatest source of inspiration lies within the circle of our loved ones who shape our perspectives and influence the paths we choose. 

My greatest inspiration is my mum: the one who gave me my first breath. 

My beautiful mum has always inspired me to fill my world with beautiful spaces, beautiful places, the every-day-simple-joys of music, books, flowers and a warm cup of tea, the magic of Christmas, the love of all things French and, most importantly, the value of kindness, friendship and good conversation

I have been shown the art of conversation by the very best, for there is no greater listener on this blue planet than my lovely mum!

It is no surprise to me that Mum has also inspired the business of my dreams: The Story Collection.  

Your source of inspiration may be a family member, friend, teacher, or even a stranger who has touched your heart with their stories…

Who are the people who have encouraged you to embrace the best version of yourself, inspiring you to find a fulfilling path? Can you send them your heartfelt thanks for their role in shaping the person you are today? 

Inspiration is a gift that is meant to be shared and celebrated. Observe it, embrace it, cherish it, and let it guide you on your journey.

with love,
Louise Rosati
About The Author
Louise Rosati

The Story Collection was born out of love when our founder, Louise Rosati, began creating custom group recordings for her own loved ones on special occasions. By gifting audio messages set perfectly to music and encapsulating the most special memories and emotions, Louise saw firsthand the powerful effect this had on the recipient - knowing how loved and appreciated they are in this world.  

By taking it one step further and incorporating the most luxurious of bespoke touches, we have created the most special and personal gift that will evoke feelings of love, nostalgia, joy, and laughter. Perhaps it’s possible to give the gift of love after all. 

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