Mimi - Sydney

“I was absolutely blown away by the beautiful stories magically woven together into an amazing audio documentary! It really is such a meaningful and valuable gift that I'll continue to delight in and treasure forever."

40th Birthday collection


Katherine- Sydney

“Wow, just wow. Such a precious and powerful gift I'll cherish forever. It’s been the most wonderful experience!"

40th Birthday Collection

Rob- Newcastle

“Hearing the voices of my family members speaking exclusively about me to me has been the most welcome experience. The kind words, the musical interludes, and the whole gathering of affectionate voices were so memorable. I look forward to replaying the messages at my leisure.”

82nd birthday collection

Emily- Melbourne

“Louise went above and beyond in creating a story collection for our Mum’s 70th...She ensured that everyone had the opportunity to contribute no matter how technically challenged they were. Without a doubt, for anyone wanting to create a truly special and lasting memory for a loved one - this story collection concept would be it. Louise is an absolutely wonderful human and could not be more pleasant to work with. Thank you again.”

70th Birthday collection

David, Story Guest- Dubbo

"The process of reflection that has prompted these observations has been a rewarding journey for me. My intention is not to elevate you to sainthood, but it is my intention to genuinely express to you why I value you so highly. I hope there will be times in the future, when you are in a reflective mood and have some quiet time to yourself, that you might listen again to these observations and that they bring you a feeling of pride and satisfaction in who you are and what you have accomplished."

40th birthday collection