The audio gift
of love & memories

Imagine being told that you were about to hear a beautiful, professionally-edited audio recording of  your closest friends and family sharing their memories with you.

Picture the ambience of lighting a candle and savouring delicious chocolates and tea from a five-senses gift hamper, while listening to the voices of those you care about most in the world.

This is The Story Collection experience. 

In our busy world it can be hard to nurture the magic of personal connection.  

We can forget to tell our loved ones exactly what they mean to us. On special occasions we often resort to a quick phone call, text message, e-card or gift certificate.

What if you could give a meaningful gift that is the ultimate surprise; a collection of loving voices sharing stories, laughs and memories with someone you love?  


Shower a special person with love from friends and family, 
near and far.

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Shower a special person with love from
 friends and family, near and far

The audio gift of stories, love & memories

Love is,
above all,
the gift of oneself. 

jean anouilh

Why choose
The Story Collection? 

  • Guests can record greetings from anywhere in the world. 
  • Voices recorded on phone or computer via our website - no fiddly apps.
  • Generous recording time, up to ten minutes per person.
  • Greetings handled with care and edited with atmospheric music.
  • The perfect group gift, for an adult or child, for any special occasion.
  • A wonderful way to capture voices, preserve memories & share friendship.
  • Audio gift delivered globally from Sydney, Australia via secure website.
  • Optional sensory gift hamper to enhance the listening experience.

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Surprise someone you love with a personalised audiobook filled with cherished voices sharing stories, memories & heartfelt messages. 


It's incredible to be able to tell you just how much I love and adore you on this day...


Wow. What an amazing experience!  It really left me feeling like I was receiving  a lovely warm hug from my loved ones. 


story guest

It was so nice to recall old memories. It was worth every minute to be part of a keepsake that will be cherished forever. 



Whether your gift is for a birthday, engagement, wedding, anniversary, welcoming a new baby, wishing a happy retirement or for any reason that is special just for you, we would love to work alongside you to
craft an experience that is all about the person you love.

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beautiful story

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