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Inspiration: To breathe into

Take a deep breath and think for a moment about who inspires you.

Who is it that you see?

An inspiring stranger?

Someone you love

Is it their words or their ways that breathe life into yours – expanding and filling your imagination with what could be?

Is it simply being with them and soaking in their energy that sparks your ordinary into the extraordinary? 

My greatest inspiration is my mum: the one who gave me my first breath. 

My beautiful mum has always inspired me to fill my world with beautiful spaces, beautiful places, the every-day-simple-joys of music, books, flowers and a warm cup of tea, the magic of Christmas, the love of all things French and, most importantly, the value of friendship and good conversation

I have been shown the art of conversation by the very best, for there is no greater listener on this blue planet than my lovely mum!

It is, then, no surprise to me that Mum has also inspired the business of my dreams: The Story Collection.  

In the surreal times of 2020, when people across the globe were unable to gather to celebrate or to simply be with friends and family, my mum celebrated a milestone birthday. My heart hurt to know we couldn’t be together. 

Wanting to create the warmth and joy of a celebration, I gathered 25 voice-recorded messages filled with rich stories and loving wishes and set them to music for an atmospheric experience. 

Mum was waltzed down memory lane, listening to how much she is loved and all the ways in which she is valued. 

From this moment I realised the power in kind words given to another, expressed in voice alone.

The Story Collection was born and many people have now heard loving voices, shared across the globe, to celebrate them.

with love,
Louise Rosati

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